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Summer Camps

Art Summer Camp

At Mountain View Elementary

Oil Pastel Art Summer Camp

Legendary Brushstrokes:
Master's Copy Camp

Step into the shoes of the masters with our oil pastel camp. Artists will study famous oil painted artworks and learn to recreate them using oil pastels. This week-long journey covers blending, layering, and texture techniques, culminating in a gallery showcase of their masterpieces. Artist in Include: Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Frida Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, and Georgia O'Keeffe.
Begins July 15-19, 2024             From 8am-1pm

Clay Creations Camp

Dive hands-first into the world of clay! Artists will sculpt and glaze From whimsical figurines to functional pottery, each week offers a new theme and a chance to shape something extraordinary.
From 8am-1pm 
Begins July 8-12, 2024


Ceramics and clay Summer Camp
Acrylic Painting Summer Camp

Wonders of Ancient Civilizations Art Camp

Embark on a creative journey through time. Artists will discover art from 5 Ancient Civilizations! Exploring the rich artistic traditions of ancient worlds, such as; Ancient Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Native America, and Rome. Each day is a new adventure into the past.
Begins August 12-16, 2024             From 8am-1pm

Acrylic Wonders Camp

Brush up on your painting skills with our acrylic camps. Across three weeks, each with a unique focus, campers will explore various styles and subjects; from serene landscapes to modern abstracts. Our experienced instructors will guide each camper to develop their own style and voice.
From 8am-1pm
Begins July 29- Aug. 2, 2024

Ancient Egyptian Art Summer Camp
Ancient Mesopotamian Art Summer Camp
Native American Ancient Art Summer Camp
Ancient Greece Art Summer Camp


At Artistic Horizons, we believe in creating an enriching summer experience that goes beyond the canvas. Each of our camps, from the vibrant painting weeks to the hands-on clay sessions, offers a unique set of projects designed to immerse students in a world of creativity. Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted to ensure that every brush stroke and molded piece is part of a larger journey through art technique, cultural depth, historical insights, storytelling magic, and critical thinking.

We're delighted to offer a sibling discount, because we believe in making our art camp accessible and enjoyable for families. Be sure to include this in your registration and give each of your children the gift of artistic exploration and growth.

Let's fill this summer with creativity, discovery, and a journey that Broadens your child's Artistic Horizons. Sign up now to be part of our multi-modality enrichment camp, where art meets culture, history, and so much more!

Art Enrichment
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