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Lisa Chadwick 
Painter, Potter & Art teacher in Santa Barbara.
Teaching art is my life's purpose. Since I was a child, I always had this inclination towards art. I developed my love for Ceramics during my first semester of college and I started teaching clay techniques in private studios. I was an assistant to a ceramic artist. Working long hours alone in that large studio is where I found my love for the flow state. This opened my eyes to a new approach. I took this approach and taught it to my ceramic and fine art students for the next few years. After finishing my Philosophy degree, I moved to Santa Barbara in 2020. I taught at a local art studio, until I became the Art
Teacher at Kellogg Elementary. My life's Ikigai is complete & I hope to sustain it for years to come...


My vision is to teach children how to think like an artist. This means teaching them techniques in; using the medium, critical thinking through obstacles and developing their own approach.

LISA CHADWICK Wild Cat oil painting


My Mission is to bring joy and self-esteem through Art. 

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