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ANCIENT ART CAMP August 12th-16th

ANCIENT ART CAMP August 12th-16th

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Ancient Civilizations Mixed Media Camp at Mountain View Elementary

Embark on a time-traveling adventure with our Ancient Civilizations Mixed Media Camp! Led by the skilled guidance of our instructors, this unique camp invites young artists to explore and create art inspired by the rich histories of five ancient civilizations: Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, Native America, and Rome. From Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 1 PM, at Mountain View Elementary, campers will dive into a new world each day, crafting mixed media masterpieces that reflect the art, symbols, and stories of these diverse cultures.

A Week of Historical Creativity:

  • Monday: Mesopotamia: Delve into the cradle of civilization with cuneiform clay tablets and lamassus.
  • Tuesday: Ancient Egypt: Craft treasures inspired by the land of Pharaohs and pyramids.
  • Wednesday: Ancient Greece: Explore mythology and philosophy through art.
  • Thursday: Ancient Rome: Projects inspired by the mighty Roman Empire.
  • Firday: Native America: Pay homage to the rich traditions and art of Native American cultures.

Camp Details:

  • Daily Creative Sessions: Each day focuses on a new civilization, allowing campers to work with various materials and techniques in their mixed media projects.
  • Healthy Snack Break: A nutritious snack will be provided at 9:30 AM, fueling creativity and camaraderie.
  • Lunch Break: At 11:30 AM, campers have time to enjoy their lunch from home, sharing experiences with new friends.

End of Camp Exhibition: Celebrate the journey through time with an end-of-camp exhibition, showcasing the campers' artistic explorations of ancient civilizations.

Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to blend art and history, creating and learning in an immersive and engaging environment. Sign up now for the Ancient Civilizations Mixed Media Camp and let your child's imagination roam through the annals of history, crafting a summer filled with discovery and creativity!


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